Full Gospel Monument of Faith Church

"The warm and friendly church, Where Everybody is Somebody"

Our Story

Full Gospel Monument Of Faith was founded in 1974 and has grown extensively since then. We are an Pentecostal congregation gathering to worship from various communities surrounding the Newark, East Orange and Irvington New Jersey area. We believe you will find us a friendly church with a sincere balance between the traditional and the contemporary that is experienced in all facets of our ministry.The church is large enough to offer numerous outreaches and activities, yet small enough to demonstrate intimate care. We invite you to come, join, and share in the experience with the people of Faith. We believe that the God of the Bible is the God of today!We are Committed to Christian values.We express Christian values in our ministry, such as love, servant hood, charity, and integrity. While maintaining our Christian identity, we work with sensitivity to the context and serve people regardless their race, ethnicity, and religious background. We encourage people to live in loving relationship with God.Committed to people.We believe God created human being with dignity and potential; God love them and intended for their well being. We are called to serve the poor and the oppressed, and work toward their well being. We are dedicated to preserve and strengthen the families as it is an institution that is heavily related to people’s well being. We are committed to build communities through holistic approach: economic development, promotion of peace, and justice. We are committed to build leaders as their decisions and actions will bring impact to the communities.Committed to partnership.We value partnership in serving the people. We partner with the government, businesses, other organizations, as well as individuals in our ministry. We partners with the community, encouraging them to mobilize its own resources, run the program, and experience the joy of their success. We provide easy access for organizations and individuals to work with us.Committed to stewardship.We believe that the resources entrusted to us need to be managed efficiently and effectively to reach its maximum use. We maintain high financial transparency, integrity and accountability.Committed to excellence.We believe in doing everything with high quality.

Stacy McQueen
Bishop - Chief Prelate
Ruth McQueen
Walter Mays
Assistant Pastor
James Bailey
Head Armour-Bearer